Struggling with boyfriend?

Do you think it's strange that boyfriend who use to do so many things with his girlfriend that were enjoyable , just completely stop doing them because his mother didn't like him taking his girlfriend to movies, amusement parks, ice skating and simple lunch/dinner date?

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Or to even add in his mother controlling and saying when we can date and where we can and how long the date can last for. She even decides to cancel our dates because she doesn't " feel good".


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  • Hmmm sounds like he's taking you to a lot of places... do you ever take him places and pay for it? Or is he the bread winner and pays for everything? Maybe his mom sees him spending money on you and your benefiting from it more then he is

    • For a while he paid for everything then we switched off and I paid for everything and now he's paying for things again. He won't let me pay for anything anymore. He wants to spoil me

    • Well next time in front of his mom say you wanna take him somewhere and he can't pay for it, cuz his mom sees he likes you and will spend countless money on you that he could be saving for future investments and his mom doesn't know what your intentions are... she doesn't know if your using him and will leave him ad soon you find something better

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  • Hmmm I'm not sure. Depends on what kind of guy he is. If he's a bad boy then no that's probably not normal but if he's a good kid then yea that could be normal. And if he's in between then I really can't say