How do I flirt with him back?

I think my crush might be interested in me. Here are just some of the signs he may like me:

We hug each other often. He would kiss my forehead while hugging me and sometimes rest his chin ontop of my head. He also played with my ears kinda while he hugged me. Sometimes these hugs are long tight ones.

Yesterday he playfully pushed or nudged me while walking.

He would sometimes flick my nose. he likes to touch my hair a lot too.

He has a cute nickname for me.

He does not do this to our female friend.

So how do I flirt with him back to let him know I'm really interested?


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  • Well, yep, he definitely likes you a whole lot. I would say... After he release a hug, put your hand on his chest as he backs away from you.

    Also, I'd like it if, when we hug, you nuzzle into the side of my neck a little. Just under the ear. You don't have to kiss it or anything. Just you being there sends a clear message.

    Hmm. What else, what else...

    • You should start winking and smooching air kisses at him. Not too serious or sexy, more playful.

      Increase the nudging into him when your walking or talking. Nudge him with your shoulder. Swing your hips into him a little, (BTW, the sexiest thing about the female body, is your hips).

      When he's talking to someone with you there too, lift up and rest your chin on his shoulder. So very, very cute. I would just melt for you if you did that. Simply adorable!

      Does any of these sound like they might help you out?

    • Thanks the tips! I do nudge him back already and gives me a goofy grin when I do :P

    • Cool, Sugar. I'm gonna crash right now, but stay in touch, OK? I'd like to help you with this some more. MmmKay, friend? I enjoyed this. Good night, Honey. :)

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