I got involved with an old bang buddy. Now that we are talking about a relationship she wants to take it slow. Now she's not talking to me. Advice?

We have known each other about ten years. I recently moved to a sober living apartment that has strict rules. She can't visit me here. I got a DUI a few months back, totaled my car and lost my job. So she wants to take things slow until i get my life back to normal which is fine. The last week we have been getting more serious as far as texting all day, she tells me how much she misses me and can't wait to see me. Pretty much out of nowhere she says until i get my shit together she wants to hold off on going any further. This girl is special to me. Now she isn't returning my texts or the last two calls. How can i fix this? Im not gonna keep bugging her cuz that will only push her away. I dont want to lose this girl. Can someone help me out? Im aware i sound like a loser.


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