Should I text him to confirm our plans? Because I really want to go skating.

There's this guy i like who i think might like me but im not 100% that offered to give me a ride to go skating since it was me, him, and my friend who i asked if they wanted to go skating this weekend.

When we were talking he told me that he only works the mornings on the weekends so he's free and that never really does anything on the weekends anyways. And when i brought up the idea, it seemed like he perked up.

But I mean, it's Friday tomorrow and he hasn't mentioned it or anything and we said we'd go for Saturday... should i just text him tomorrow and see if he's still up to go skating?

Because i really want to go skating. And he's a plus haha.


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  • Yeah it's a good idea to confirm your appointments.


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  • Sure why not


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