Need advice on a girl. Please help!!!

So I had a friend who was a girl, we became really good friends to the point where we both liked each other, we never dated but it felt like we did because we would always hang out and talk all night, she would tell me she loved me everyday, she even begged me to go out with her but something kept on holding me back from doing it, one day we got mad at each other and I told her she was a slut and that I never even loved her, but the truth is that I loved her with all my heart, it's been about 3 years since then and we've never spoken to each other, but I miss her so so so much, I recently just direct messaged her on Instagram but she didn't even care to open it. Please help me. I need advice. I can't stop thinking about her. I remember her every single night and i can't help but to cry because I feel like she's gone forever. Please help me!! :,(


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  • Sounds like you ruined it. Unless she has self confidence issues she probably won't forgive you and she really shouldn't by the sounds of it. The best thing you can do is think about what you said, why you said it and how that might have affected her and write her a hand written letter apologising - not of this instagram crap. Learn from this. You will find another girl who is equally amazing and recognise that and you'll know how to treat her to keep her.

    • Do u think going to her house might be a good idea?

  • whoaaaa that's intense... and it kind of just sounds like you made a mistake and now you need to try your best to move on..


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