Why would he add me on Facebook if he wasn't interested? And does he think I'm slutty?

I wanted to know your opinion on this. Im 18 , and the other day i kissed a guy at a club (i kind of knew who he was through mutual friends, but barely)
He added me on fb the following, and i was pleasantly susrpised. I send him a flirty direct message but he seemed as if he wasn't too eager on carrying on the conversation. why would he add me then? and does he think im slutty because i kissed him?

sorry for the bad english!! im not a native speaker


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  • Because Facebook doesn't equate to anything other it being a social networking site not a factor that determines the attractiveness level towards you, people add thousands everyday not all of them are because they "like" them. Focus more on what's happens in the real world not in the digital world you'll get more solid complete answers than basing them off of Facebook.

  • maybe he isn't interested in fb messages? I mean most of my convos at fb are dead lol so try texting


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