What should and shouldn't I do on my first date? What should I wear? Any ideas would be helpful?

My crush asked me out for a date. This will nearly be my first date with a proper guy. I really like him so i don't want to ruin anything but i don't even know what to wear i'm soo nervous


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  • Wear clothes that are flattering but appropriate to what you're doing/where you're going.

    Try to relax and be 'you'. It is SO tempting to think 'what can I do so this person will like me?' But really, that doesn't work. You need to show him 'you'. Either he likes that, and things will go very well, or he doesn't like 'you', and well, you two shouldn't be a couple! If you try hard to impress, you will probably seem pleasant but bland, and he will lose interest eventually.


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  • You will talk only positive stuff, no negatives, no self put downs, keep your hang ups to your self. you will laugh a lot and smile, to show that you enjoy his company. you won't appear to be too eager or needy etc. you won't act desperate. make jokes and keep the conversation light and funny.

    You will be happy with yourself. put on a happy face.

    the key word is fun, how can you both have fun, when you both talk about negative depressing stuff.

    leave him wanting you more by keeping the date shorter. and avoid texting.

    • if you get nervous about what to talk, start asking questions about him.

      diffuse seriousness with humor, if you get into some difficult question.

      don't tell him everything on first date. look in his eyes when you talk or listen. pay attention about his dislikes and likes.

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    • welcome :).

    • welcome :)

  • Wear something you're comfortable in, that suit your style. He likes you for you, so you don't need to be different! Again, with any physical stuff, do only what you want. A proper guy will respect and appreciate this.

    Good luck!

  • Just pick your favorite clothes that feel comfortable to wear..


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