How many times do you let him call before it's okay to start calling/asking him out?

.SO...a little bit more. I have been "seeing" this guy for about a month now. I have known him for about 4 years, but when we played on the same softball team this year, we became better friends. Well, about a month ago we hung out and really hit it off, then the next weekend, and the next weekend...all with calls/text in the middle of the week. I have a daughter and he has a pretty crazy work schedule, so the weekends have been really the only time to hang out. Well, I have let him call me every time because I want to avoid obtaining stalker status and to see if he was really interested. Well after a month of calling/texting/hanging it okay to be the one to initiate the call or to even ask him if he wants to hang out? I have been out of the game for a decade, so this is all fairly new to me. Any guidelines, advise, slap upside the head to be helpful! Thanks!


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