Love? obsession? what?

I met this guy about a year ago and I've seen him 4 times. We love to kiss. But then we ended up bad because he probably thinks I am not into him because I flirt with others and I don't want to have sex with him. Last time we talked was 3 months ago and even though I've see him 2 more times, we don't talk. However I feel very much attracted to him like a magnet, lol and to the point that I just go to the bar I met him, hoping to see him from far away. I feel he likes me... it is so weird, this never happened to me before, I can't stop thinking about him. Today I drove by his work (he told me where he works and I found out the address) and they played one of his favorite songs in the radio just when I was driving by (they hardly ever play his song in this radio station). In that moment I felt that he was thinking of me, I am in love, obsessed? is it possible that he is feeling the same for me and attracts me to him? any thoughts? thank you


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  • His feelings are not the same for you, if they were he would be doing anything to talk to you as often as he could. Also I feel like from the description you gave in your question was he was trying to get laid. If you guys use to kiss and then just stopped that says a lot of what he wants. I think you should stop with this guy because it does seem to be obsessive behavior.

    • I don't think he wants to talk to me because I told him my true intentions which are that I want to be a single mom and he doesn't have to be involved with the baby. I even told him that I would have sex with anyone I like, just to get pregnant. He is 5 years older and has a 5 year old boy already. Also, once when he came to the bar I was kissing another guy. So he has reasons to want to be away from me I guess?