How to approach a guy I don't know?

a guy liked my picture on Facebook randomly, so i liked one back. But is accidently was an old picture so i liked en new one a day later. Now he has been looking at me for almost 3 weeks, somethimes it's even staring , but i can't make eye contact so i don't know if he's interested in me or not. Friends who know him, tell me that i should try but that he is a really shy guy... So my question is, is there a chance that he likes me and if there is , how do i approach him or how do i show him in a subtle way, that i like him?

and... he is a friend of my ex... but it's been more than a year , so is that a problem or should i leave it?


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  • Find out what he likes doing or what skills he's proud of having. Ask him for help doing that thing. For instance, if he's good at baseball, "I heard you're good at baseball, could you explain it to me? I know nothing about it," or if he's good at math, "You're good at math, right? I need help understanding reciprocals." Just assume he's willing to help, because if he's good at it he'd just about pay to help a cute girl with it. That's the best way a girl has ever broken the ice with me.

    But keep in mind that your ex might expect him to treat you as off-limits, so pursuing you could cost him a friend.

  • If he's staring at you it probably means he likes you. Just go up and start talking to him, say hello then start asking him questions, find something you both have in common. If after couple more weeks he still seems interested but won't ask you out maybe suggest some places you like going to and things you like to do. Be cautious though, some of the more reserved people can get the most obsessed. But as long as the chat is friendly and you're not too forward, you guys should be fine.


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