Twenty-two and single and lonely?

I'm twenty-two years old, in college, fun personality, outgoing, always laughing, caring, single, and lonely. I've been even told I'm too friendly whatever that means. No i'm not a slut nor do i dress like one. I've been brought up very well to respect myself, my body and other people. I've been single for almost two years, My last relationship ended badly but it's been almost two years I'm over it. Why am I always getting rejected when one of my friends try to hook me up with a friend? I had a friend try to hook me up today, he took one look at me and said no. It's very depressing and sadly making me feel more and more lonely day by day.


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  • Don't worry too much about it.

    • Thanks. It gets tough sometimes but I have to keep it up.

  • I am 23 and been single for 3 years. and YES it gets lonely but really don't worry too much about it. Focus on you do you! finish college, work hard and make money, and have fun.. Boys come and go! My dates don't work out either and yes it's depressing I totally get you but the perfect man is out there for you. Cheer up!