How to stay out of friendzone?

i like this guy who is my friend now. i talk to him and we chat a lot in school. i still don't have his number yet but i know him. he got friendzoned many times, and i am interested in him because he's nice. how can i avoid the friendzone. i know some of his secrets and he does too. and he has a crush on this girl who friendzoned him (well practically he never told her how he feels) so what can i do to make him think of me as more than friendS?


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  • Don't tell him you're interested or you'll end up being his back up plan.

    Also the term friend zone is when the guy/girls knows of the other person's interest and is another way of letting them down more easily.

    Neither has happened to you or him so no one had been friendzoned.

    If he had been friendzoned, wait until he sucks it up and move on. Until he moves on, that when you should let him know.


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