I really like this girl I've became really close with her?

I've became really Close to this girl and I've started to like her but I am friends with her cousin and she is a bitch about things like that I don't know how to tell her I like her

I said I am friends with her cousin and the girl I like her cousin is a bitch about guys going out with her cousin


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  • You are not going to be dating her cousin, you are going to be dating the girl that you got close with. In the end it matters how she feels about you. Is she's happy her cousin will be happy and won't mind you.

    Her cousin is just protective, probably of her experiences with boys.
    Hope this helps!

    • It's the girl I got close with that I want to go out with any way I'm just talking about how her cousin is my friend and she is over protective as fuck

    • So go out with her

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  • Thinking that she is a bitch probably isn't the best attitude to have if you want to date her... But if I was you I would show her you care with a sweet gesture- could be giving her a rose or even just telling her how you feel.

    • I didn't say she was a bitch hahaha

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