Lying or just plain stupid?

So i've been dating this guy for about 2 or 3 weeks and even before we started dating his ex kept saying things. (he had been broken up with his girlfriend for about a week when we got together). She kept saying mean things about me and saying that me and him aren't going to last. The girl claimed that I told her I didn't really like him, even though i have never talked to her in my life. She keeps trying to get back together with him, and he usually tells me when she does this and then always assures me that he loves me and doesn't want her back. But she kept texting him, and to get her to stop, he said that he could see them getting back together. But he didn't tell me himself and I had to find out from my best friend who had been told by his ex. She asked him about it and he said he only said that he only said it so she would leave him alone. I don't know if i should believe that or not because i don't see how that would help get her to leave him alone. Help?

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  • You are fucking stupid, bitch.

  • Just talk to him about it. Together you can fight off his ex


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  • Hmm. He really should have told you about that. You should bring it up.