Some advice for a guy who wants to date but is too scared to?

Ok I'm gonna level with whoever reads this. Girls scare me. Not as in they scare me so bad that I can't talk to them, but it's more along the lines that I can't possibly think of asking them out on a date.

I'm 18, high school senior, working on his driving license, and have never even kissed a girl outside my family.

I know I'm gonna get the whole 'girls aren't visious' thing but I got Aspburgers Stndroyme. It's like... well I'm supee nervous in new social situations. And I'm into stuff fat not everyone is, video games, cartoons, anime, comic books, and I'm thinking girls don't want to hear about Spider-Man all day.

Im also not strong, and brains are kinda selective at times. On top of that my relations with girls seems to deteriorate, like my friend and I used to talk everyday, and I see her everyday. But when I see her, she usually is talking with her friends and I feel like a outcast.

I want to have a nice relationship with a nice girl, but I want to know if I'm even... desirable I guess? And if so, I would really appreciate some advice.


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  • Well the good news is... i suspect you are desirable. Perhaps not to everyone, but REALLY, who is?

    I believe that each person was wonderfully and fearfully made, including you. The issue is, I think, that if you want someone to find you desirable, you have to be desirable. Let me say this another way. How can you expect someone to love you, if you do not think you are worth being loved? (I am not saying you are that extreme, just get my point.)

    So girls want a guy who is confident in himself, fun to be around, thoughtful of her, and interesting. Are you those things? Sure to the right girl. You can't be that to everyone, so why worry about it. So take a step back and think about what you have to offer to the world. I am sure there are many good things. Additionally perhaps there are other things you want to work on and grow. That's ok. The point is that if you know that you are of great value. Then be good and confident with that. Go out and seek to make friends. They don't have to be just like you. Worry about that first. through that process of getting to know people you are going to eventually find some girl whose eye you catch.

    I am very tired tonight, so i am not sure that made total sense, but i hope you get the drift. Focus on the value you bring and being a good friend to others first, doing that is going to open eyes.


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  • Personally, it depends on the girl. Some girls are absolutely horrible and will make fun of you for anything, and everything. Other girls are as sweet as can be, and will love you for who you are. Honestly, i'm a girl, and i'm obsessed with comics, anime, video games, cartoons, all that nerdy stuff. Sorry if this is cliche, but its really true. As long as you pick the right girl, you won't have to worry.


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  • You have a lot of good qualities. And no women don't want to hear about Spider-Man all the time. But there are a lot who are into comics, gaming, anime etc.

    A suggestion is to get these two books. They are a big help. I have them and they have helped me.

  • just ask her out and get over it if she says no... you'll regret it if ya dont... furthermore get her to watch something animated thats a family film... like if she likes disney go with hayao miyazaki films to get her started on anime... if she wants horror try something like high school of the dead... romance... try clannad... just go out and ask its really not that big of a deal even if she says no its just a moment of oh wth did i just do... you'll laugh about it in a few years

    just stay calm no matter what she says... really isn't hard

    and by the way... if you continue on the path your on now ull be alone your whole life... after high school it will become much much more difficult to find a good girl to date get started now

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