Is it normal to have fights in a relationship (ALL the time?)?

A lot of my friends tell me that my boyfriend and I are going through a "phase" that everyone couple has. You know at first you are so lovey dovey with each other and then with in 3-6 months you two fight all the time? My boyfriend is great but sometimes he' isn't. He's becoming really distanced and Everytime I try to break up with him he begs me not to. There's days where he shows affection and days were he's like "forget it" I hate it a lot because I love a great relationship- not fighting and being distanced all the time. So, 1. Is it normal? 2. How can you make it stop? 3. When does this "phase" go away (for example - during the 11th month you're in a relationship on average)


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  • It's normal. The answer is to learn how to talk about your problems rather than to get angry. It's something that you will both have to work hard for... And this goes for every relationship. Not just yours.


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  • seriously... what you think relationships come with instruction manuals.. he dont have to hang on ya to be with ya and fighting happens when you get to know peple... all this is pointless.. the question is do you want him around... not what would you change... if you want him there and you trust him then dont complain... your already more lucky then some guys and girls


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