I started talking with a girl I've known 8 years. We started getting serious and now she straight up blew me off. Can some girls give me some advice?

I really care for this girl. Over the last few weeks we both started talking about the future and what were looking for. I dumped her about 7 years ago. When I wasn't interested she was. Now she's not returning my calls or texts. I'm confused.


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  • Hmmm hard to tell with out much details, but perhaps she is not interested in you now

    • Well she has been pursuing me. She text me after a few years of not talking and asked to hang out. Then she initiated sex with me. She did say she wanted to take things slow but she started asking how many kids I want. Then she said if I don't want kids it won't work out between us. I just don't get why she just cut off any communication. I'm not the stalker type or pushy. So I don't know what to do at this point. She's special to me. It sucks. Thanks for the response.

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    • Thanks for following up. Yea I told her I do want kids. We even spoke about names. She told me before we get serious she wants me to take my old job back. I said that's understandable cuz I got hurt at work and have been out a month. I know girls don't want a loser but do u think she's a gold digger?

    • Id say no, she just has standards. Now if she isn't working and makes no plans to work then id say its something to be on the look out for.

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