She accepted going out with me but won't schedule it. What should I do?

I was recently chatting online with a girl I like from college, saying random stuff and joking. At one point I said:

"I'm gonna take you out for a beer next time I'll go to _a local place_ :P"
(do not get impressed by the beer, I know she likes it)

And she replied :
"Yeah, we should arrange that! :)"

However, we couldn't arrange it for that weekend because she had no time. So, after the weekend I sent her a message again saying:

"Hey, how about that beer we where talking about? :)"

And she replied:
"We will arrange it! :)"
(notice how the "should" became "will" :P)

I asked if there was a preferred day and she replied "Thursday maybe...". At that point I didn't want to push it any further so I told her to send me a message whenever she thinks she can go out. Hasn't replied since then (5 days)

I am really confused. It seems like she doesn't want to go out with me. When I told her "I'm gonna take you out..." it was a statement, not a question, so if she didn't want to go out with me in the first place why did she propose to do so?

Anyway, I would like your opinion on what did I do wrong, or an explanation of her behavior. I like her a lot and would love to get to know her better, but I don't want her to think I'm a perv or something... so I will probably not ask her out again.


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  • There are a few different things that could be going on. It is possible that she may not be interested in you but she doesn't want to tell you. She could also be extremely busy and unable to hang out. Maybe try to figure out when she is free and just send her a message saying "hey I'm going out for a beer want to come?" if she says no, invite some friends instead this way you still have a fun night.

    • I really like your proposal, but wouldn't it be annoying to get asked out a third time by someone you may not like?

    • If you try to make it casual by saying you and some friends are going for a beer and ask if she wants to come, that might make it seem less like a date but then you could still hang out with her. Or I would wait a while longer and if she doesn't respond you can try one more time if you feel comfortable enough doing that. Or if she never answers or says she can't go again, i would stop texting her completely and find someone who wants to spend time with you. Hope this helped!

    • It surely did help, thanks :)

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  • Your not doing anything wrong. She sounds wishy-washy.

    You must be commend on the size of your ball sack! Most blue G@G'ers would have to take 10 polls to do what you've done so far. Even them most would do nothing but suck their thumb or jack off and pine away.

    I think if she was really interested in you she would have made the time. You can keep trying till you get sick of it or you succeed. Whenever you call her just keep trying to pin her down. If it is a no-go, ask her to forget the beer and you would like to meet her at her place and go for a walk or at a park or something simple.

    If you still can't make progress you have to ask yourself... why is it taking you so long to let the message sink in that you need to move the fudge on. Good luck!

    • Oh trust me, she is nothing but wishy washy. She has a very interesting character and this is the main reason I want to get to know her better. I feel great when I'm around her, she's not just a pretty girl (I suppose you know the feeling) and that is the reason I would "keep trying till I got sick of it", but I don't want her to get sick of me in any way...