Are we finally through or is there still a chance?

After a bad first impression meet, we decided not to talk for about a week. Finally, I was the one to break the ice and talk to him again. We started talking like we normally did, we made each other laugh and discussed our similarities. That was one of the main reasons I liked talking to him, we had so much in common. Except when it came to the relationship talks, as I've told him numerous amounts of times that it made me uncomfortable... sometimes he drops it. So anyways, we decided to meet up for drinks and it was supposed to be just us except there was a change in plans where my sister had to tag along. He was distant, he answered my questions but he was not really responsive. So, we cut the night short and parted ways. He texted me he had a great time, which I knew was a lie and he'd text me when he'd got home. So when I got home, he began to text me. He called and we started our giggling fits and what not. Which later turned to face timing. Then it got awkward really fast. It's like he loses his speech when he comes to face to face communication. He started talking about cuddling, hand holding, hugs and future talk. [dude, we've only known each other for 2 weeks] So it turned into an awkward stare off for about 30 minutes. His phone cut off and froze. I hung up because what was I supposed to do? He texted saying I left him. I said no, and he tried calling me again but I didn't answer and I was upset because he wasn't talking to me. Because I was a little uncomfortable with our last conversation. He texted me saying; you hung up on me, you rejected my phone call and I'm done, lose my number. I was left confused and a little hurt. I said back that I was upset and uncomfortable and he was acting insensitive because I told him I had limits. He seemed like he had a hard time understanding that. I said that he was pushing the relationship wagon too fast and I wanted to take it slow. I called him an insensitive creep. Eventually led to him saying I'm done, goodbye.

  • call back and apologize.
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  • this guy sounds like he has attachment issues. he finds somebody that shows interest in him, and then all of a sudden, any little thing like ending a phone call he finds threatening. maybe he's not used to the attention and doesn't know how to socialize, especially in a situation where its more than just the object of his affection (you) and he loses interest at that moment. save yourself the trouble, just move on and find somebody that is right in the head, a little less sensitive, because you will just find yourself defending every little thing you do that normally shouldn't be a problem. good luck, i hope you find somebody worth your while :)


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  • It will go forward, no worries.


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  • I would not make a deacon yet because he might be emotional to (might sound weird but he's human). Try to talk to him about it (face to face). He might be embarrassed to talk to you about your relationship. I suggest talking then if that gets you no where let him go.

    • I feel like there's nothing more to do but I miss talking to him. He's just a completely different person in person rather than talking on the phone to. I also feel like he won't contact me first and I'd be the one left to do it, because that's what happened the first time.

    • Maybe try talking to him first about it. If you miss him then there was something there you just need to find out if he felt it too. If he did and its real then he'll wait for you. If he won't talk face to face then try Skype or FaceTime. Texting or messaging just isn't a good option. You want to be able to see each others emotions.