When will he ask me to be his gf?

okay so we've been seeing one another for almost 2 months, but have been friends since like the end of July... every time i ask him when he's gonna ask me out he keeps saying soon, and i have met his whole family and have gone to family parties and so far Thanksgiving.. and he introduces me as his gf, then tells me he still wants to ask me out... and we already said i love you to each other.. why is he wanting to find the right day to ask me out? but also he hasn't had a serious girlfriend in like 4 years.


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  • He introduces you as his girlfriend. You are not denying it.
    Congratulations, you are a couple.
    Why do you need to go out so badly?

    • well im like well are we a couple then and he's like no. you'll know when we are..

    • I see, then he's probably waiting for the right moment.
      And obviously like teasing you.
      Don't push him too much and enjoy the time you have togehter, the moment will most likely come.

  • He's probably really nervous about making the first date very memorable, he's over thinking it.

    • yeah thats what his family told me. that he really really likes me. so he's super shy about it. its funny cuz he knows i'll say yes to him. so its like dont make a bigger deal then it should be.

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    • You can choose a "most helpful answer" It gives me points :D

    • well if no one else answers by tomorrow i will :)

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