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want to see if anyone has experience with this. So we are in our 40's both been married before. We have been dating exclusive for 8 months. The last month has been very difficult, and she has become more and more distant. She said she needs time and space and not to freak out. So, she has not come right out and said she is breaking up. But, We have not spoken in over 2 weeks and saw each other once 3 weeks ago.
She will not reply to any texts/calls and occasionally a short reply to an email.

So, to finally get an answer... I sent an email tonight that told her I have met another woman that I can see a future with. (I have emailed and talked on the phone, but have not setup a first date yet). Told her that I have been 100% committed from day one, but lately her silence and such feels like she checked out.

So, I guess no reply I have my answer... It is over
I get a reply... then my guess is she freaks out when she realizes that I could be with another woman

Anyone have experience with this? what was the outcome?


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  • well... i don't know the right amount of time to wait for a woman who has done this to you is.. is it two weeks or two months? Two weeks seems kind of quick to have already met a women you can see a future with (meaning you got over the last one fast), but it is possible.

    Nonetheless, I would be pissed if she just left for two week with nary a word... so yes if there is no answer move on. What she has done is kind of crap and childish.

    • I have not even done a date with anyone else. That's the point of this exercise. I feel like I am in linbo, we are not seeing or talking to each other, but she has not come out and said she is breaking up. AND YES,..,,, the silent game is the most childish and inmature thing anyone can do. This goes back way more than just the last 2 1/2 weeks... For god's sake we are 46 & 48 years old.

    • Ahhh i misread bro... sorry. Anyway... I would just give her through the weekend, and if you haven't heard anything by Monday, i would call her or write her and just tell her that you care for her, but you do not believe it is is reciprocated in the same way or there would not be two weeks of silence, and there for you are moving forward. Then you are good. I am sorry bro. That really sucks. She maybe hurt form before but that is no call to hurt you.

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  • I think you are to old to play games. Instead of texting her something to try to get a reaction--why not just ask her if it's over? Seriously.


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  • Y not try and provoke a response, maybe it's childish, but what's the risk? If it's over, it's over, but if u care about her and it's worth it why not make one solid attempt that way you don't have to regret not doing so

    Go to her, be direct and not easily brushed off, let her kno you care for her and don't plan on leaving her

    Refuse to turn back until u get some type of answer about what's going on