What is a good place for a first date?

I don't know my area very well, as I am not the type to go wandering around and learning the sites.

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Sorry, forgot to add a "see answers" option!
The restaurant I had in mind is called Top Dawg Tavern


Most Helpful Girl

  • Always make it a two parter with food first. That way if dinner sucks you can just not invite her to the second part. The second part should be another place where you can talk.

    A walk would be fine, I always recommend an arcade because I love them and theyre a fuck ton of fun. But it really depends on what you like.

    PS. Only mention dinner when planning the date and only ask her to part two if you're interested so it's not like you canceled half of the date.

    • I think I understand the "PS." part of your opinion, but I'm not quite sure, hehe, sorry to be a pain.

    • When you ask her to dinner... only ask her to dinner.

      Then if dinner goes well have something else planned for after in case you want to hang out more. I don't recommend mentioning it ahead of time because if she's awful you don't want to be stuck with her all night.

    • Ah, I see, clever, I am glad I chose to ask this question!

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  • Mall not a good decision she will beg for a lot and want a lot more than likely restaurant is good for dinner or like a lunch time if its a place like olive garden with walking around you can do that in the park you can also have a picnic through a Frisbee or football y'all can chill maybe even watch the stars at night so I say park

    • Hmm, maybe, I'm not going on a date with a girl anytime soon, just figured this was a good question to ask to file away for future references haha

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    • Wanna know something funny? someone who played one of the frisbee sports tried to teach me once... failed, couldn't figure it out, though I improved ever so slightly, but I guess me throwing a frisbee would be pretty comical

    • Lol ok well I wish you the best in your future

  • Honestly I kind of like the movies for a first date. Only because I am terribly shy & it sort of helps me not feel too pressured when first meeting the guy. It takes me a while before being comfortable enough around a person to be able to completely be myself.

    • I didn't think to put movies on as an option as it is kind of generic and generally frowned upon unless the people dating have gone on a couple dates.

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    • Oh lol I thought that was all you were going to say about it, I'm stupid!

    • It's fine haha, I need practice complimenting people anyways.

  • first dates are something you want to keep as a special memory.. i would think most would something a girl wouldn't want to for get like ice skating after taking her eat or just go sight seeing together pack a lunch or something and go sight seeing

  • you dont know your area? perfect! get lost somewhere together! :)

    • This gave me a laugh hehe, but that would be kind of dangerous since it's rural haha

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    • I fail at interpreting things sometimes... may be why I am still single haha

    • haha its ok all guys suck at that :)

  • Depending on how the girl is, take her to the park. It'll be highly relaxing and hardly anything weird goes on at a park. Also, show her ur favorite spots. That way, she'll be able to see ur passionate side and eventually want that for herself from u. :) Hope this helps.

    • My passionate side? define that please hehe

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    • Ah, if I want to show her passion then I would want to take her to an archery range to show her my archery, as it is my favorite sport. My other favorite things are inside related. Games, anime, reading, the occasional Manga

    • Then I say you're off to a very good start. Women love seeing the passionate, enthusiastic side of their men. :)

What Guys Said 4

  • Mall is too generic. Very hard to window shop.
    Park is too romantic. Put 2 awkward people in a park and it's just gonna get more awkward. Unless you're playing frisbee or cycling.
    Walking around is a given. You have to walk around, talk some, in order to understand the other person.
    Restaurant is a "reason" for the date. Satisfy a basic need for food, some curiosity and adventure in trying out a new cuisine (or just simply a new restaurant).

  • pick up 2 hot dogs and 2 can of beers and sit on a bench in the park

  • So, I voted for "walking around" but I'm like that as well, I don't know my area too well and don't really wander around.
    If you're not the type to wander around, then you shouldn't be doing it on a date.
    That's just giving false impressions.

    • Yeah, I do need to kind of learn the sights, but I do have a favorite restaurant :D

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    • Sure did. But I'm from Germany, so I might not accidentally walk into one xD

    • Haha, I want to learn German, was last year, new school doesn't have a German class sadly ;-;
      I hope maybe I can go there one day, I learned a lot about Germany in the one semester of German I took, my German teacher having been there himself and one of his students who helped out sometimes studied there for a year. He also had a GAPP thing with going there for a few weeks and German kids coming to our school for a few weeks. I wanted to go, but couldn't afford it and then had to move on top of things.

  • Do you live in a rather big city with trains? Go train hopping, I have done it. You get to meet all around and spend the day together. It's fun.

    • Let's just say you go down the road one way and you are in another town, the other way another town (I don't know if I should consider it a highway or road) jkjk, but seriously, it is kind of small townish, I wouldn't mind just driving around and learning the sights, but then again I don't have a car :D But yeah, rural community

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    • At some point I noticed she was a bit uneased but I worked it out and keep talking, joking and avoiding anything that could sound sexual.

    • Ah, I see, must have been a fun night for the both of you either way

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