Someone please get to the root of my problem - Feeling uncomfortable when girl is around other guys?

Facebook is pretty evil, I talk to friends using the messenger and try to ignore what is showing up in the feed but it is inevitable that I see the girl i'm dating standing alongside another guy and I feel jealous and uncomfortable. Even if I do know assure myself that girls can just be friends with other guys or the guy could be a family member I feel crap and hopeless like I'm losing her or something
Someone beat some sense into me I kinda need it now, thanks


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  • It's natural reaction when you really care about your beloved one. But it seems that you may have trust issues. This might be because you two are together for not so long. This feeling should go away once you two become as close as you can.

    • Thanks man, You're right I do care for her a lot she means the world to me but we haven't been in a relationship for a huge time.

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  • I would love to have a guy like that in my life who cares about me that much

    • your comment made me feel sorta happier, thanks!
      anyway, you will find someone one day, and when you find him, just make sure you care for him back as much as you can, it means a whole whole lot :)

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  • You can't get of this feeling no matter what, the question is do you trust her?

    • very thought provoking, do all guys get this kinda feeling?

    • its a learning process that most guys go through.

    • alright, thanks HIsurfing!