Would you date a player turned good?

It's a little annoying to those of us who are good from the beginning, but girls especially seem to love those types of guys. They are generally attractive, that's probably the reason. Would you date a guy or gal who was once a player, but has since realized the error in his or her ways?


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Assuming you guys are compatible intellectually, physically and emotionally.


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  • I would need to see strong evidence that she was no longer a player.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Probably not. I'm not attracted to easy guys. Even if they're, "Changed". Because from my experience, they almost never change.

  • No, i would keep a distance away from him the moment i know he is a player. no chance


What Guys Said 4

  • I dated a girl who was a player once.

    She is the very reason I know female players exist.

    And why there's a little part of me that's just dead inside, and that that innocence is gone and you realize that someone who could mean so much to you merely saw you as something to play with when they're bored, well you just kind of get a callus on your soul.

    So no, I would not date a player.

  • Interesting question. I knew a female player in HS. She played me for a bit, I fell for her (DAMMIT) but eventually I woke up and broke free from her game. We still kept pretty close relationship, lots of flirting and stuff, I just never fell for her again. I'd be curious to see what she's like today... I would think still a player haha

  • Can I say once a player always a player? They will always have those thoughts, unless they find someone they love so much they are all they think about when he/she is in a room full of naked guys/girls and only sees the face and body of their S/O

  • I wouldn't date a female "player" if you paid me a million dollars.