Any reason why a guy would act like this? and his friend? HELP!!?

me and this guy have awkward conversations because he never fully contributes meaning asking me questions and gets quiet i feel the pressue is always on me to keep things going - he also takes out his phone and stares at it for a while doing what not , which adds to the silence. He also avoids me and its sooo obvious. Then the rare moments he smiles at me when our eyes meet, and or comes to me on his own and then sits with me on the bus again on his own. i dont know if he's shy because I've seen his instagram and Facebook profiles and his interactions with other girls (ive seen them live as well) seem really good and he follows girls all the time. when we talk he also acts clueless about things i know he knows very well and doesn't tell me his weekend plans fully but get curious on mine

then a while back i ran into a guy on the bus and after talking for a while i found out he's a childhood friend of the quiet guy. well to the point at the end he asked me to add him on Facebook or he would depending on who does it first - i remembrered a couple weeks later and sent him a request (he wasn't in town) well im sure he's back but he hasn't accepted mine yet - did the quiet guy have anything to do with it?

i ran into the quiet guy a couple days ago, i was ahead of him in the bus line and we saw eachother and smiled. i wasn't planning on going in the bus that came because then we would end up together and i didn't want to pressure him to talk, but he came up to me as i stood to the side and was like lets go so i did. at the end of the ride he asked me if i wasn't going to board (ive done this for the same reason a couple times before by the way) and i told him yes and made up a reason - does he think im avoiding him?

ps we both are 20


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  • Lol this is cute do you like the shy guy? If so why not just tell him he obviously doesn't know how to connect with you & isn't disinterested

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