In all honesty, could you date a guy in a wheelchair?

Well basically, I'm 17, 18 in January, and I've never as much as kissed or dated a girl. My friends tell me this isn't anything to do with me being me and that I'm a good guy but more to do with the fact I'm wheelchair bound and this puts girls off.

I have a muscle weakness meaning I can't walk but can still move my legs and I'm still able everywhere else. I do believe them to extent as I see how girls wouldn't want to be with a guy who can't even stand next to them or dance with them etc. etc.

So I want to know in all honestly, trust me I won't be offended, I'm very hard to offend, would you ever date a wheelchair user?

(If you need more info before you can answer, feel free to ask.)

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Most Helpful Girl

  • i could if he could still hold down a job and do things for himself, not because im greedy or anything but because im willing to overlook a disability to gain a good partner. no one man or woman wants to gain an extra... excuse the wording no offense meant... 'child' to look after and be the sole worker in the home because it makes life so much more stressful and hard. i know thats not pc to say but its how quite a lot of people feel. it wouldn't be the disability putting me off you, just not being able to walk is fine you are still a whole person who can do things and id date you but if it was much worse (say full body paralysis or ALS where you needed a caregiver instead of a wife) i couldnt date you

    • Completely yeah, I feel that's sometimes the problem, despite the fact I am fully independent, I feel people assume that and would need help.

    • just be confident and outgoing and itll be obvious to girls that not being able to walk doesn't hold you back and theyll soon forget you even have a disability :) becoming the funny confident guy who makes the girls laugh and flirts with them is the quickest way to get a girl. even joking about your diability and being cocky about it is going to make them more comfortable around you and like you :)

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What Girls Said 4

  • I think I could. I've even seen guys around in wheelchairs that I've had crushes on. I think as long as you still take care of yourself, like hygiene, clothes, and still have talents and passions and drives, and can give love and are kind there is absolutely no reason why a girl wouldn't want to date you!

    • Thank you, means a lot to hear that.

    • by the way if that's you in your picture, you're cute! Just be confident. There's nothing hotter than a guy who's confident, especially when his overcome a huge obstacle!

    • That is me, thank you :) and I do try, just sometimes have those down days, but I suppose so does everyone

  • Depends on the personality. Really. If I am in love with guy a lot, why not? What if the guy lost the legs after marriage? Would I leave him? NO. Sometimes, love makes you see things beyond superficial aspects. But girls who are willing to date are quite less. And rest depends on the kind of girls you encounter.

  • Say the guy was a successful doctor, extremely confident and funny then why not. Its not about money, but the fact that the guy is strong and independent inspite of the problem.

  • When I was your age, it would have been a definite no if I was under the impression that it was going to be a long-term relationship. If it was a short-term relationship or just a hookup, then I wouldn't mind. I don't find being in a wheelchair a turn-off, but in terms of the future, I think it would be difficult to be with a partner who is wheelchair bound. It may sound weird, but girls even in their teens, are looking at guys as potential marriage partners.

    Now that I'm older and I know what love is, if I felt that the guy was really special, I would make it work.

    by the way, a lot of people haven't even kissed by your age, even when fully mobile.


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm actually crushing on a girl in a wheelchair myself, but I think most girls would date you. Society I think has gotten a better when it comes to things like that.

  • I, personally, don't think I'd mind. Statistically though the odds are poor.

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