I think my crush likes someone else?

So my crush and I have been frequenting a cafe every week and I noticed he likes to talk to the waitresses, especially one particular one. I get to his Facebook page and noticed he had added her! He found out her name and everything. So is there a chance he's been talking to her without me around?


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  • Yes, without having Seconds on my own plate, sweetie, he is sweet on her. He has Added her to his Facebook list of friends and probably is chewing the fat with her even in the chat box now.
    He may or may not know that you like him and at this point he is putting any idea of it on his own pay no mind list. He is having his cake and eating it Two right now, by most likely Using you as a tool to fork her up and then may not want to be 'Frequenting a cafe every week' with you... buyer beware of this next on the menu.
    Good luck. xx

  • 36-45 and u "think ur crush likes someone else..."?