Guys, would you continue to sleep with a girl after she told you she had feelings and you didn't?

Say you were in a casual relationship with a girl and she told you that she wanted more and her feelings were involved, would you continue to have sex with her if you didn't feel the same way? Even do things that will give her the impression that you wanted more (like caress her cheek, still call her pet names, kiss her during sex, and say things like "I'm being intimate")?

Another little tidbit of information… He's told me that he liked me and that he was "being stupid ". He even calls me when he's depressed about stuff, and told me "thank you for being a friend at the very least." If I'm being honest with myself I think that's how my feelings got involved. He was showing me that he wanted me in his life.

He's never caressed my face before.
He's never kissed me during sex before.

Now when I threatened to leave he's doing new stuff.


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  • Yes I would. As long as she's down for it.

    That said its just going to be harder for her when it ends. But I'm sure she'd know that.

    • But why would you give her the impression that you wanted more?

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    • Meh. I wouldn't consider that especially depressing. That's just more or less a sitrep.

      Although I, personally, rather hear a " good luck, remember to do your best" rather than a
      "I wish I could help".

      Retracting advice. Don't break up. Just ride it out for now.

    • It's funny that you say that because once I sent that text I instantly regretted it.

      Yeah I'm just going to ride it out.

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  • Yes. I wouldn't lead her on, but if she wanted sex and I wanted sex, she knows how I feel about it.

  • no honestly if i don't have feelings for her i won't sleep with her.. that is like giving her false hope

  • if i found that she is hot in bed , i would become much obsessed with her , and would likely want more than just casual RL


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