How all I can (and should) touch her at this point in the relationship?

I'll try to keep this short, lol.
So there is a girl that I am dating. Sorta. It's already been said that we are dating, but we haven't gone on a date yet. The main reason being her parents. She hasn't really told them about us yet, which makes it hard to go out on a date and all.
So with all that, in what ways do you think I should be allowed to touch her? Hand on shoulder, or back? Holding hands? What all do you think is appropriate considering the fact we have not been on a date yet but we are dating?


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  • What you said sounds good. Take it slow and see what she's comfortable with and go from there.
    Check out Wikipedia if you have any more questions. Or ask me. I'd be happy to help


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  • I think you should just follow her lead. If you are okay with her not telling her parents and what not just take it slow.


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