Why'd he stick around?

Met this guy last year at school, he was so shy he wouldn't even look or talk to me but we ended up becoming really close and getting together. Things sorta went down hill and we didn't get quite the feeling we used to get but we still stayed together. We'd only ever hang out at school and he'd walk me home and give me a cuddle and that's it, we never hung out on weekends or holidays. I ended up living away for a only a few months since last year until the beginning of this year and we broke up but we've been on and off up until now. But I haven't once seen him or talked to him over the phone (only text or facebook) for a year? He's always making so many excuses, his always too busy, has to put himself first, never has time, school work, has to help family, his insecure, he doesn't wanna stuff anything up in person, I have respected them all because of course he has a life but it feels like too many excuses for too long? He is the most shyest person I've ever met but surely there's more to it? I told him it's not working because of the distance since we live in th same town and haven't seen each other in a year... He hasn't tried to see me since I broke it off but if he really didn't want to see me why did he stay with me for so long just for the texting? His a really really insecure shy guy and I know his definetly not a player, also his never used me for anything sexual, 99% sure I'm his first relationship anyways, so I don't get it?


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  • Because you were his girlfriend.

    • If he didn't wanna see me he mustn't of liked me, why didn't he just say so or just dump me?

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    • MHm.

    • Myself a lot*

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