Confused in love triangle?

His ex-girlfriend had been cold to him and eventually broke up with him. Came back to him again, broke up with him again, and came back to him again. Recently though, she suddenly became really nice to him. And I can tell he still likes her.

Meanwhile, he and I have known each other for some time, but after his break up, we got so much closer and behaved as if we were dating even though it wasn't official. I thought I'd give him time to heal from the previous relationship... But that girl kept coming back to him. He said he likes me too.

I like him so much, and I'm certain I'm better than his ex, at least in terms of caring about him and being there for him. He said he likes me too, and I could see that he's really happy when he's with me.

But I'm so confused right now. For the past few months he's been telling me how shitty his ex treated him. Yet, he seemed really wavered by the sudden change of his ex since he still has feelings for her.

I'm so afraid they'll get back together again. I feel doomed, yet at the same time I keep hoping that he can just open his eyes. I mean, if he doesn't like me, than things will be easier since I can't force him to like me anyway. But since he himself said he likes me... I just wonder why can't he just be with me?

Please everyone tell me what you think about this? Thank u so much!


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  • First I am sorry this is happening to you. Frankly... it sucks!

    Sadly he still likes this girl and that means you need to move on unfortunately. He is a bit silly to keep letter her play games with him, but there is nothing you can do about that. So in the long run moving on is going to be a lot easier for you... even if it doesn't feel that way.


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