Why is it when we both get into an argument, where both sides are at fault, I have to be the first one to try to resolve it?

For instance, after an argument we always have a silent treatment lasting around a week. Where there is no communication at all between the two of us. It is usually towards the end of the week where I'm usually going to crack from not talking to him. I usually send a text apologizing for my behavior and he sends an apology for his. But why do I always have to be the first one to initiate the apology and not him? Does he not care? Why does he not talk to me first?

We got into an argument the other night, I am not going to contact him first. Am I going to be the one waiting around for nothing?


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  • Because some people are more stubborn then others. Is not that he doesn't care I think, he just never learned to swallow his pride and apologize first.


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  • Just date me and I don't think you would have this problem...

    It sounds like he's angry. Silent treatment for a week though -__- I would not stay in that lol

    • He is the most stubborn creature that I have ever met. He has this, I either hate you or I really love you, personality where if he hates you... you will not hear the sound of his voice. But he said he likes me, that's why he gives me attention. But if he said that, why is he doing this to me. I don't want to be the one to fix everything all the time, when it feels like he'll just let everything go.

    • It sounds like he likes you but it conflicted by his anger at times.

  • Wow, neither of you should be dating. Dump him, grow up, then meet someone else.

  • It shouldn't matter. People's egos matter more than love. When you get older you realize that arguing is a waste of life. Most people realize that but it is too late then. Being right doesn't mean jack and gets you nowhere.


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