Am I doing something wrong here? Went on a date with a guy, haven't heard him in a week and I'm talking to someone he knows?

I met a guy on a dating site and we talked a lot, went on a date and I borrowed his jacket. We had a date planned last week and on the day of our date in the afternoon I asked him when/where we were meeting and he told me he was working so he couldn't make it. Ok, it would've been nice if I knew it before he was working but okay. Now I haven't heard from him all week, he's home for a day or three and I'm busy with work and school, but no, he hasn't heard from me either. I don't really know what to text him since I get the feeling he's upset with me.
Now I met a guy on that same dating site last year, we talked but we stopped talking and that was that. He was at my school this week and we started talking again. I have the feeling we get along better and I really enjoy talking to him. Now I kinda feel like a mean one because I'm talking to that new guy (both guys know eachother). Even though we only went on one date (just dinner, no kiss or anything), and even though I'm just chatting with the other guy.
So am I doing something wrong here?

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  • It's online dating...

    You can date a million guys at once and so can he. It doesn't mean anything. You're not committed to any one person at all

    • I know, and I wouldn't feel as "bad" if it were someone that the first guy didn't know but now I kinda feel like I'm ditching guy A for guy B :/ which isn't true