What crazy think can I do to show this guy that I like him?

I'll try to make his brief, there's this guy I have in1class & I like him. I'm pretty certain he likes/liked me back because of the signs he showed. In the fieltrip we had 3weeks agoHE INSISTED multiple times 4me2 wear his sweater when it was rain HARD & all he had was a tshirt under, when I finally gave in, he made me wear his sweater all day even tho it was freezing & raining, &he even insisted that I wear his sweater home, which I did. After that I noticed he started dressing better, he started wearing like nice jeans and shirts & doing his hair, before that he wore baggy hoodies and basketball shorts everyday, I feel like he did it to impress me, idk? He also would laugh nervously when we talked. Also when we talk he always makes eye contact.
Also like 2 weeks ago I curled my hair&wore a nice outfit and he said he liked how the hair, boots and sweater looked on me lmao; he's shy so I guess that was his way of saying I look pretty lol? I feel like he's loosing interest:(He doesn't really talk to me or laugh nervously anymore. I blew it, I started ignoring him for1week because I didn't want to get more attached but that was stupid of me cus I think he gave up on me? I don't know, He added me on fb like 2 days ago actually?
Anyways I'm freaking out and need2do something drastic asap because the semester ends in 3 weeks which means I won't have him in that class anymore so I won't see him! I really like this guy & I want him to know how I feel, because he might feel the same too and I don't wana be wondering "what if.."he's like one of those really shy guys, so I don't wana freak him out.
& don't say something ridiculous like "grab his dick"LOL I am looking for genuine answer here people
My plans are so far..
#1 me tell him after class I really like him and I'm really sad I won't see him when the semester ends.
#2 Make my friend tell him, before I arrive to class that I REALLY like him and to ask me out when I arrive or sum2see if he does.

I'm a junior, turned 16 in June. He's a freshmen (supposed to be a sophmore) and turns 16 next month. So were a 2 grade year diff, but born 6 months apart?
Just thought id share that^
So my main questions are, do u think he likes me with the few details I included? And what big thing can I do to make him ask me me out (cus I'm sure he likes me)
Or how can I show him I like him like a lot?


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  • well if you ask your friend, you friend will and hell take it as a joke, if you ask him it may be awkward. you should kiss him, that's just perfec, take it slow. get him alone, put your arms around his neck, kiss his neck, look into his eyes, give him a nose kiss then slowly kiss him, empahising the slow :)

    • I was worried about him not taking my friend seriously or it being awk if I do it myself, so good points dude!👍
      And omg.. that's actually not a bad idea :0
      If I do that I'm sure I'll have him all over me 💁... but there's 2 big problems 1. I'm 5'1, he's 5'11 ish so I'm not tall enough to kiss him unless he like bends down UGH LMAO😂😩
      and 2. I'm shy too soo yeah 😳

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    • Haha wow I'm 5'1-5'2 and he's like 5'10 ish so yeah I hope he likes short girls too... by the way u give like awesome advice dude :o thanks again c:

    • message me anytime, love to talk to you :) oh bye the way looking at your pic your really beautiful so he will kiss you :)

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