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What crazy think can I do to show this guy that I like him?

I'll try to make his brief, there's this guy I have in1class & I like him. I'm pretty certain he likes/liked me back because of the signs he showed. In the fieltrip we had 3weeks agoHE INSISTED multiple times 4me2 wear his sweater when it was rain HARD & all he had was a tshirt under, when I finally gave in, he made me wear his sweater all day even tho it was freezing & raining, &he even insisted that I wear his sweater home, which I did. After that I noticed he started dressing better, he started wearing like nice jeans and shirts & doing his hair, before that he wore baggy hoodies and basketball shorts everyday, I feel like he did it to impress me, idk? He also would laugh nervously when we talked. Also when we talk he always makes eye contact.
Also like 2 weeks ago I curled my hair&wore a nice outfit and he said he liked how the hair, boots and sweater looked on me lmao; he's shy so I guess that was his way of saying I look pretty lol? I feel like he's loosing interest:(He doesn't really talk to me or laugh nervously anymore. I blew it, I started ignoring him for1week because I didn't want to get more attached but that was stupid of me cus I think he gave up on me? I don't know, He added me on fb like 2 days ago actually?
Anyways I'm freaking out and need2do something drastic asap because the semester ends in 3 weeks which means I won't have him in that class anymore so I won't see him! I really like this guy & I want him to know how I feel, because he might feel the same too and I don't wana be wondering "what if.."he's like one of those really shy guys, so I don't wana freak him out.
& don't say something ridiculous like "grab his dick"LOL I am looking for genuine answer here people
My plans are so far..
#1 me tell him after class I really like him and I'm really sad I won't see him when the semester ends.
#2 Make my friend tell him, before I arrive to class that I REALLY like him and to ask me out when I arrive or sum2see if he does.
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I'm a junior, turned 16 in June. He's a freshmen (supposed to be a sophmore) and turns 16 next month. So were a 2 grade year diff, but born 6 months apart?
Just thought id share that^
So my main questions are, do u think he likes me with the few details I included? And what big thing can I do to make him ask me me out (cus I'm sure he likes me)
Or how can I show him I like him like a lot?
What crazy think can I do to show this guy that I like him?
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