He asked me to be his girlfriend after three dates, red flag? Also should I still see him?

I've been on three dates with this guy - he bought me dinner and drinks one date, drinks another date, and we have also just hung out casually.
He treats me really well and looks after me and seems really genuine.
I'm a virgin and he isn't. We have kissed a few times but its been a bit more than less than tounges. The most touchy he has got with me is hugging and also as we were walking along he put his arm round my waist and it kin of drifted to my hip and slightly further down, like kind of to the side of my bum. But he hasn't tried to have sex or anything with me yet.
He constantly calls me beautiful and gorgeous and stuff. And I do really like him.
He asked me to be his girlfriend after only 3 dates. Do you think this is a red flag?
I don't know if I'm looking for excuses not to be with him. I feel a bit insecure because I haven't had a proper boyfriend before or many guys telling me they want to be with me. I'm not fat but I'm worried I'm a bit chubby and he won't like me naked. Or that he will be put off that I don't know how to kiss/have sex properly.
I told him I do want to be his gf eventually but I want to make sure he like me properly first.
Am I doing things wrong? What do you think about things?


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  • He placed his arm around your waist; he therefore knows that you are chubby. That doesn't seem to bother him, so why should it bother you?
    If he asked you to be his gf after 3 days, it means he wanted to be with you even before the first date. Those 3 dates only convinced him that he wanted to be with you.

    • Not that it matters but I'm not like huge by any means, just that I have a bit of love handles etc haha. But yeah true.
      He said he liked me when he first saw me so yeah I think so. I'm just worried he;s can't know that he likes me that must yet so how can he know he wants me to be his girlfriend

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    • Thank you, I think this is the answer I needed. You're right. I just need to believe it and stop worrying about it. I think I stop myself from being happy bc something makes me think I don't deserve it. I know he probably has his insecurities too

    • You're welcome :)
      Head up and stand all

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  • No I think 3 dates is enough and trust me guys don't worry about stuff like that lol, they are just happy to be seeing you naked. Did you tell him you are a virgin?

    • No he doesn't know I'm a virgin. I don't really plan on telling him because it's embarrassing seeing as I'm early 20s lol he's run a mile I think. Thank you for your reply :)

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  • If you don't feel comfortable being his girlfriend yet he should understand. Tell him how you feel and if it's too soon for you well tell him that also. I agree with you i think it's too soon and don't worry about your weight because he clearly likes you and that is not an issue. If he calls you beautiful he probably means it unless he is a major jerk but he doesn't seem it. I don't think your doing anything wrong and take it slow so you guys can get to know each other better. When you feel it's the time to be committed do it. Let him know you really like him and that eventually you want to get serious if for you being his girlfriend right now is a deal breaker. Wish you lots of luck :)

    • I think he was disappointed but hopefully understands. He said he will be patient. Thank you. I've told him we will be exclusively dating which I think made him a bit happier. Thank you for your lovely answer. :)

    • Your welcome! The important thing is to be exclusive and he clearly is interested in you if he told you that.

    • Yeah :) Think I will just carry on seeing him and go for it :)

  • Hmm, I think you're doing it right. First proper boyfriend is a big deal, you don't want to mess it up like I did. XD
    I'd say wait a month, still hang out ofc, and if he sticks around go for it. And then he'll like you naked and teach you the ways of the rumpy pumpy! :D

    • Just out of interest how did you mess yours up? It's been a month since I've met him but 3 weeks of dating him (seeing him about once a week) but we have texted every day a lot. Haha xD

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    • Well, if you have sex he'd find out anyway because he'd have to break through the layer of skin that's broken when you lose it, so if you tell him he'll know better how to act.

    • My hymen's broken anyway from sports and stuff but yeah true he'll probably guess anyway

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