How do I come back from comming on to strong? like how can I contact her again so she'll talk to me? do I say sorry for it? please help!?

met her at a wedding and she couldnt keep her eyes off me, i danced with her we talked i got her number and i asked her out, she asked what did i have in mind so i told her dinner and drinks and then she didn't answer. i texted the next day and she said sorry she was feeling sick so basicly I've been trying to get that date back and i ask my friends wife to talk to her and she said i might have come off to desprate and she was feeling overwhelmed and a lot going on.. what should i do i wanna talk to her but but i kno i gotta back off a little, her b day is in a week an a half should i text her then? please help

we have had good convo's after the sick thing then when i asked again she didn't answer me at all and when i had my friends wife get her to text me and she did she said she just felt bad because of my ex and i told her to think about comming out with me she said she promise she would so i gave her the week and i texted her and nothing so i asked if i was waisting my time and still nothing :(


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  • You need to back right off, u have come on a bit strong... to redeem the situation wait for a week or so ask her out again for a drink or just a coffee and if she doesn't answer just leave it at that, she's not interested and move on. Good luck


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