Should I date this girl, even though I like someone else?

So I really like this girl. A few days a go I would of said she likes me too. We met up for a few drinks. Had a really nice time and she said she wanted to see me again. We continued to talk via text. When I texted her to ask her out again, she didn't reply. I'm starting to think she isn't interested. I'm starting to think I should give up. Although I really do really like her a lot and don't want to give up.

Then there is this other girl who I hear likes me. We have been flirting. She's pretty and seems really nice. Would it be right for me to date her when I really want to be dating someone else?


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  • No it's not at all right. If you date one girl but the other is in your head then you don't love either of them. A relationship has to do with love. Otherwise you wasted a heart that someone else may have wanted whole but then you would have shattered it and it might not be able to be out back together again. Then the guy won't want her because she is broken. You can't just think about the benefits for yourself. Think of what it could do to her also. Pick wisely basically. Because if you date a girl, but still think of another girl, then you're just playing the one you're dating and you just keep leading them both on. Chose one and drop the other.

    • I know you're right. I can't date the second girl because I really want the other one. If I can't have her I should just stay single for the time being.

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  • If the 2nd girl is so nice and pretty why wouldn't you be eager to date her fully?

    • I'm worried that I won't be fully dedicated to her if I still like the other girl.

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  • If the 1st girl really isn't showing any interest anymore, go for the 2nd one.