Why do guys ignore girl friends?

I was friends/friendly with a guy for a while, but he has a pattern of ignoring/avoiding me any time he gets a girlfriend. His first one didn't like me (she never met me so?) so I get that but this other one now doesn't even know me and yet he's avoiding me and brushing me off when I say something etc even if she is not around... I don't understand? He seems to talk to other female coworkers and friends fine, why not me?


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  • He was attracted to you and doesn't want to have mixed emotions.


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  • Thats how we teach females a lesson when they screw up

  • He doesn't want the girlfriend to think of you as competition?

    • but she's not around when i'm around him, she wouldn't even know I'm speaking to him?

    • He might feel talking to a girl about another girl would suggest he has romantic feelings for the one he's talking about?

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