So, one of my boyfriend's friends is really awesome? And, like, the male counter-part of me?

So... I met him today (Well got to know him, I've known him for ages but not really spoken) Anyway! He's loves the exact same music as me etc etc. He's also a gentleman. (My boyfriend is much less of a gentleman XD) Anyway while walking, we were talking about clicking our fingers (or something) And he just turned to me and was like "Wow, are you like my female counter-part?" My boyfriend didn't hear him say that though.. I don't know what I'm asking to be honest... I caught myself thinking if I had met him before my boyfriend then I'd want to date him.. ?

Don't get me wrong; I really like my boyfriend


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  • probably shouldn't be with your bf then...

    • I don't know :/ I'm pretty sure I'd regret it if I broke up with him..

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    • It is not wrong that you might find someone else interesting... you are dating that is what it is about, finding what you like and don't. But if someone else raises your interest enough that you come here and ask about it... that is a big deal it seems to me. It seems that you are seeing someone that is much more of a match or compatible than what you have now, and your heart and mind is saying "WOAH!" Well it seems then that the BF is not for you and if you are a nice person you let him go.

      Will that hurt you a bit... sure. I didn't say you don't like him, I am however suggesting that he is not for you given your reaction to the other one.

      Now do you and the other guy get together? That is tricky and a different question. Both of you need to think of the impact of your BF (and he may not think of you as you think of him anyway)... but regardless... it is your BF and whether you keep him or not that is your top priority. Hope that helps. Send a message if you want more thoughts.

    • Thanks a lot. I'm going to have to think about it...

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  • Any path you choose, you will have to be able to live with yourself. I see some hard time thinking for you.

    • What kind of questions do I need to ask myself?

    • I'd first start off with your current b/f. Think if there's anything about the relationship you don't like. It's like the "pros and cons." Secondly, think about the guy that's the male counter-part of you.

    • Thanks a lot!!

  • Well I foresee a girl crying on GaG that she lost two guys in her life in a couple weeks...

    • ... That really isn't helpful

    • Make inferences from what I wrote and you'll find it REALLY helpful.

  • I've got bad news for you...


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  • My fiancé's best friend and I are basically the same person. The first night I kissed my fiancé was the night I'd met him and if I hadn't kiss him the I would've tried to hook up with his BFF. His BFF and I are know just best friends and make fun of my fiancé together in the most loving way. Don't worry about it so much, you two are too similar that it would be weird if you ever did try to get together.

    • Wow, thanks!! I see what you mean! I just hate confusion

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    • Maybe I should tell him we should just be friends? Because from what people say^^ Maybe I do like him but not enough... ?

    • Just do what feels best for you.

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