How do I not give a guy friend the wrong idea or how do I friendzine without being a total bitch?

Ok so I have this guy friend and my other girlfriends would joke saying he had a thing for me but I never believed any of it I just thought he was being a cool guy. Anyways so one day we got really drink and he kissed me. Stupidly I decided that this would be just one of those times where you hook up with a friends, but when I suggested that we move to my room he stated "i wanna move slow with you". That threw me so off I was super confused. Anyways he ended up leaving but the next day he started texting me and pretty much has been asking non stop to go get lunch or dinner. Luckily every time he asks I have work or am actually busy. I feel super bad tho because I really enjoy his friendship and I know that it was my fault for not actually believing my friends when they would say that he was into me and being stupid and making out with him. So yeah iv never had to "friend zone" a guy so how do I do this without being a bitch?


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  • Honesty. Tell him you were up for hooking up, but you aren't looking for anything serious right now. No way to avoid hurting him, so tell him the truth. At the very least, it will give him a more realistic view of the world. He sounds a bit inexperienced, so it's going to be important for him to come to terms with the reality of female sexuality and relationships.

    Sorry this is happening, sucks for you both. Fingers crossed you can stay friends, but there's a strong chance it may not workout that way, so just be realistic and hope for the best. Good luck.

  • So you like the guy as a friend and nothing more?


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