Why does my crush keep blaming for stuff that's mostly his fault?

A week ago today we got into a huge over me forcing my crush to tell me how he felt about me which led to a him temporarily blocking on the phone and Facebook. On Thursday I found that he not only faked to be my bf for 2 days, but when he told me I love you, he only said it because he didn't know what to do and didn't want to lose. He said what I did was bad, but I think what he did was way worse. I know he does lots of stuff make others happy, but he never puts himself first. Anyhow, today we went at it again, he's like you stress because you complain to me, I don't believe you'll get hot, etc. I was trying to tell him that I missed the times when we used to not fight and missed the cute flirting we'd do. And I would appreciate if he would not talk about other girls constantly, yeah I know he's not acting upon his fantasies but it still bugs me. I'm not good at expressing my feelings and well I yelled at him on FaceTime and through texts. 😓 Then he got mad and blocked my phone over something stupid as me wanting his attention. We later facetimed on the iPad and he kept trying to convince give up on him and I refuse to because I love everything about him. He also said he'd unblock me later, but that hasn't happened yet. My parents can't stand the constant fighting and this guy is so stubborn and hates admitting when he's wrong. I don't know what to do...😭

I'm always nice to him but he never does the things that make me happy.


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  • Seems like his toying with you babe.. As much as you may love him.. His presence is not good for you.. Look how much stress and pain he has caused you? girl I swear don't even bother pursuing him.. If he even felt a tiny bit sorry for you, he would comfort you and not make you feel worst

    • I know that, but yet I'm drawn to a bad boy to him I can't explain it.

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    • Thanks for MH

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  • Last i checked You had the crush on Him. Probably has his own crush but its nice to always have a back up plan. Just because you like him doesn't mean he has to nor should like you back. The decision is yours if you want to keep going around in circles or find someone who shares your feelings and forget him. If you were his crush, he would have done something, you obviously aren't.

    • He does have feelings for me. He just likes to be a jerk at times.

    • how do you know? saying it is one thing, showing it is another and according to your ^^description^^ there has been a lot more saying than showing. which means you are on the hook. plus someone who really "likes" you won't make some habit of blocking you over minor stuff. you my friend, are on the hook. a backup plan.

    • @Asker being on the hook is never good. once place there, the chances of it becoming something real, is very slim... takes a lot of force.

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