I think he likes someone else?

I used to be quite convinced the guy I liked likes me back. Here are the signs:

He would hug me and kiss me on the forehead several times.

When he's in a happy mood he would nudge me playfully. He would play with my ears or nose.

But recently I found out why we've been going to the same cafe every week. He liked to talk to the waitresses and I learned he's added one of them to his Facebook. Does he like her instead?

Very hurt right now


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What Guys Said 1

  • Odds are you weren't receptive enough with his flirting and he found a girl who was.

    • But I flirted back. Why would do this to me? String me along til he found someone better?

    • Well to him you probably didn't flirt enough. I don't know what went on between you two but I think you didn't show enough interest. That or the other girl must sit with him much better which is the more likely scenario.

What Girls Said 1

  • So? That doesn't mean he likes her. Maybe he just finds her attractive, or wants to get to know her better. He's being really flirty with you, not her, so I would say that he definitely interested in you! Don't over think it. Guys don't find things like that important, whereas girls think its a big deal. If you brought it up, he probably wouldn't even realise what your talking about. Don't feel threatened by her. My boyfriend is constantly meeting new girls, adding them on fb and inviting them on group outings, but i'm not threatened, because I know he loves me :) Don't freak out about it- he obviously likes you :)

    • He has two Facebook profiles, one for family and friends. I know for a fact they aren't related. He added her to the family one. We've been going to the same cafe every week and he chats to her and I see he added her. I'm a bit jealous and very upset.

    • can understand being jealous. I bet she's just a close family friend. Don't worry about it :)

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