Should I ask him out, will I look extremely desperate?

I've become more of a person taking the charge when it comes to dating, I have nothing to really lose and why not? lol. I don't act desperate, I just feel the water and if a guy is not into it, I never push it. I went to a party and met 2 guys. Both took my number the other gave me his number. This one guy kept dancing w/me, leaving then finding me again. I texted one of the guys once and he never responded, so I deleted his #. The 2nd one texted me like 2 days later and it ended with my text. I hope he doesn't think I am not interested as I took awhile to respond, not on purpose I'm just not glued to my phone and I was actually doing something. I really want to ask him out and see where it leads. Should I call him and see what happens?


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  • Yeah, go ahead and ask him out! Guys like it when girls make the first move!
    I'm too scared of rejection, so I have never asked a woman out in my life. But I have been in a few relationships when the women themselves made the first move. There's nothing wrong with that at all!


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