Help... should I stay or go?

So long story short. August I broke up with my ex long term partner. It just wasn't working out with him, during our time apart I reconnected with a friend who at one time was a potential partner who I lost touch with. Well we decided to be friends with benefits with rules , no jeasoul feelings , emotion's and when we started to see someone else we respected it. well end of September he started to talk to another female so I respect his space and reunited withy ex. well last week I ended it. realized that I changed , I just didn't love him anymore but had feelings for my old friends with benefits . Sunday night the friends with benefits and were pretty much chatted all day and then all sudden he came out he loved me and he wasn't ready for a relationship but was okay with dating. I ended up going to his house at 4 am and of course we did have sex but it just felt so different. The next day woke up after 4 and it seemed like he just wanted me gone , when he walked me to the door he kissed and told me to call him later. messaged him on Tuesday I guess he was stressed out with work and didn't feel like talking , next day I asked if he was better and said yes and that was it. Friday night I message to see how he was doing , I got not bad u , replied and then nothing. should I just leave it go and forget it. or respect maybe he needs space , this guy also hasn't been in a dating situation in a long time and were both not ready for a relationship. so what I do , is this normal for dating people , I myself haven't dated in a long time. so help please


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  • He's not interested in pursuing something serious with you. Cut your losses and move on. If you cling onto him, you'll be stuck in a cycle where his only good to you when he wants to have sex with you... and after he gets what he wants, he'll start making excuses about being tired or stressed.