What is your ideal first date and why?

Feel free to talk a lot, I'm just curious. I've only gone to bars and on walks.


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  • Who has a date at a bar... Dude... Come on now xD

    My ideal date for me personally would be a hiking trip to a beautiful remote area. It would be cute if he even brought lunch along with us so we could enjoy the beauty and just talk... I'm very simplistic though.. Not to hard to please. Some women would be pissed if you took them hiking as a date...

    • lol. It was her idea and i originally didn't want to go. But hiking is nice, I really like bike trails so I'll give that a shot.

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  • To an amusement park because it's a lot of fun or out to dinner so you can get to know each other more


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  • Coffee shop basically. Simple conversation. I wouldn't want a huge first date just to find out she's not interested.

    • or to find out you're not interested! spend all that money for some bad company...

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    • well obviously not everyone is the same! but from past experiences people can be very tricky making you think theyre someone theyre not! its unfortunate but maybe someday it will change :)

    • @somegirl95 yea I've heard of some girls telling stories online of guys claiming to be younger then exchanging Facebook profiles and the girl would see the guy graduated a super long time ago and such. Really creepy people trying to hook up most likely.

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