Guys, what are you thinking in a relationship?

We want you guys to tell us we're beautiful every day. And say I love you, you know? Miss us all the time when you have to study for your exams.

What's running through your guys' head. We always go crazy about what you're thinking.


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  • Careful what you wish for.

    Sometimes too much adoration can drive another nuts. Some take the constant sweet talk to be a sign of insecurity, or the need for reassurance.

    So it's a bit hard to answer, everyone has millions of thoughts. If the guy is in a relationship, then most of the time he's happy being with her at the very least, and probably does think those things. And sometimes those things don't have to be said, they're understood through actions rather than words.


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  • I'd have to date someone for a long time before I could really love them, but we miss you just as much even if we dont realize it sometimes

    • You guys need to express yourself more, we worry too much.

      I know my boyfriend loves me, but it's nice to hear it.

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