What do very young women 18-24 think about guys who shave their heads?

I'm 19 and am already forced to shave my head to the skin due to very thin hair, its difficult to explain, I didn't really prematurely bald and I did at the same time, see my father passed away about a year ago and I shed a lot of hair from uptop, no bald spots but diffuse thinning, docs said that can happen after very close and shocking family death, said it was temporary, well now they said I got a very rare version of it where the follicles that were shocked were aged, so the hair I had left wasn't going anywhere but the 60%I lost wasn't coming back, like I said no bald spots but very thin overall so I had to shave it, my head shape isn't too bad but I have very white skin that just doesn't tan even when I'm in the sun a lot, and while I'm toned I can never really bulk up even when I work out a lot so I'm still relatively skinny. both of which are huge turn offs on their ownand now with this? See a huge goal of mine was to be married young to a beautiful girl, and yes that includes looks, lets just get it out of the way and all agree that looks are a required first step to attraction, I could never and have never fallen for a girl I didn't think was cute when I first saw her, now I have see attractive girls who were terrible people so I wasn't interested, its not everything but is required I guess you could say. and I really need honest opinions here. Is a shaved bald head at 19 a turn off/deal breaker for most girls this age and does it act as a deal breaker for the goal of being married young to that 'blushing bride' so to speak? I want ladies personal opinions on it. And brutal honesty please believe me I can handle it, my dad that passed was way military and coldly honest at times so I appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

  • a shaved bald head isn't a turn off
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  • Not a turn off


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  • I don't think it would be a deal-breaker or turn off. It would definitely depend on the girl but I wouldn't say it makes you unattractive.


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  • personaly i'd never shave my head, because then i'd look like an egg with eyes... it's the worst haircut in my opinion.

    sorry to hear that your hair are thin at such a young age... :-(

    • yeah it sucks, luckily due to the military family its not really a huge shock to see it since most of the guys in the family wear it short anyway but I was pretty lucky with head shape at least, to put it in perspective I skydive regularly and am almost to earning my tandem license on it (which for my age is almost unheard of), really don't fear much, but being alone or being made undateable, that kills me. literally, to me life alone isn't worth it.