Emo guys, does color matter?

I am attracted to emo, Goth, rocker type guys. I am an emo and a rocker but I never attract any guys that I'm really attracted to that are like me. I am a creole (part black and it shows). I went to Canada and I dated a few of the sexiest emo guys on planet earth. Why is it that, no matter how much we have in common, emo guys in America don't really look at me that way?

  • I'm emo/rocker/goth and I won't date black girls
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  • I'm emo/rocker/goth and I date whoever, no matter their color
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  • In America, California specifically, people are diverse and want to push away from stereotypes.

    Nowadays when i see or hear the term "emo", I'm reminded of my stupid 11 year old poser self who killed her hair with a teasing comb and attempted "coon-tails" using fucking masking tape.

    Okay so here are my experiences with my wannabe emo stage/phase :
    • i dated 1 white kid , then a mixed emo skater shithead whatever
    • knives and pens was my fave song
    • i wanted to prove to the world that i'm bi and dated this other blonde emo chick who was 5'11 and looked freakishly like my first bf
    • andy was all over my room
    • monster was my alchohol

    Then in 7th grade I moved schools in cali , and I went punk rock ever since because of my new friends who actually took me to shows.

    :-) now im just whatever, listening to all types of music that punk introduced me to

    *im not punk


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  • Not a clue, I usually find it's the complete opposite for me. I can flirt all I want and emo chicks never see me as more than a friend. I guess it just depends on the people you meet.

  • No offence, but do emos still exist? Because I haven't seen any for ages


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  • Well I'm a girl but I'm not lesbian or anything I just want to see the answers to this

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