DOES he find me annoying or something? and his friend? HELP?

its very hard talking to this guy because he gets very quiet and barely says anything when i try talking to him - hence awkward conversations. he also takes out his phone and starts playing with it various times during the conversation. he also avoids me and its so obvious. then the rare moments he comes to me on his own and smiles and our sits with me on the bus. - im starting to think he's just being nice. he's not like this with other girls I've seen their interactions as well as his facebook/instagram where he follows many girls all the time.

a couple weeks ago i ran into a guy on the bus and during our conversation i found out he's the quiet guys childhood friend well he told me to add him on Facebook. i forgot and remembered like a few weeks after, ( he wasn't in town) well he's back now and he still hasn't accepted - is it because of hte shy guy?

then a few days ago i was ahead of the shy guy in the bus line - we looked at eachother and smiled i wasn't planning on going in the bus when it came becasue i didn't want to make him feel he had to talk to me so i stood on the side. he came up to me and was like lets go in, so i did. at the end he asked me if i wasn't planning on going in (ive done this before as well for hte same reason with him) i said ya and made an excuse - does he think im avoiding him?

also during our conversations he aacts very clueless like he doesn't know what im talking about when i know very well he does and never really tells me his weekend plans fully but gets curious on mine

ps we both are 20 lol i know childish


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  • Haha, this is actually undoubtedly cute. I'm not experienced with guys, but he seems like the shy type, maybe he's waiting for you to make a move. Maybe he thinks it's you that thinks of him as annoying. Do you like him or are you just trying to be friends?
    I mean he could just be as clueless as you are of him. Just go right up to him and ask him out. Show you're actually generally interested and if he isn't, his loss. Haha.
    But really, some guys need woman to straight-up tell them they're interested in them or they'll forever be clueless.
    I'm sorry if I've jumped ahead into conclusions, you didn't even mention that you were interested in him in that particular way, but what ever way you are interested, let it be friend or more, be clear to him about it.