Do you think my boyfriend is arrogant? What do you think this is?

I love my boyfriend, he is a very caring person and we have a fun relationship. Little info about him, he is from quite a wealthy family, pretty popular and career driven. However, normally when we go out, he seems to stare people down, he will never comment about them, but I can see him looking at them in a slightly disliking way. Girls and guys.
Often, even when we're talking with a group of people, and he's talking to someone I notice her hold eye contact for a very long time. He might just be confident? Report
Sorry one more update, he is definitely not a jealous type of person as he's very very attractive, so I believe it's got nothing to do with looks.


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  • So is your boyfriend a transsexual? You said " her hold eye contact for a very long time"...


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